On the precipice of change: Extradition Law divides RCHK opinion

Written by Jane Chan

50 years ago, President Nixon stepped into China, breaking 25 years of mutual hostility. The prevailing hope was that the country, hosting a considerable portion of the world’s population, would develop into a benevolent, freedom-loving partner in lasting peace and prosperity. 50 years later, these hopes seemed to be rooted in naivety, as China’s authoritarianism begs to differ.

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It’s a small world after all. The big question is: can we protect our country parks?

Written By Eunie Jeong

“When I moved to Hong Kong, I was almost shocked. The whole city looked so grey, with buildings soaring into the sky. There were construction sites everywhere and I could barely see any parks. I felt I was out of place,” shares a student of grade 7, who has moved here from UK where there are lots of green spaces.

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Online gaming: is it really that bad?

Written by Eunie Jeong

On the 4th of March, Renaissance College announced a ban on the use of laptops during recess. The College’s concern relates to student involvement in online interactive gaming. But the news was not welcomed by everyone, with some students feeling that an important part of their life was being taken away from them. So why is this leisure laptop use seen so negatively?

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