I am...

Written by Olivia Sun

I am as loud as an airplane.

The sound of its engines warming up,

Floating in the sky.

Turbulence and wind shoving me around.

Its grey, edge cutting turbines slicing,

Right through the thin air.

Boosting up and shooting through the sky,

Whenever an opportunity shows up.

I am as big as a hot air balloon,

Skating through the clouds,

Just like on a frozen lake.

Carrying its passengers like ideas,

Very carefully up to the skies.

But words can be like needles-

And after one needle’s thrown,

It falls and the ground, all deflated and miserable.

Or perhaps like a flower on a sunny day.

Dancing towards the sun,

Always on the bright side.

Swoosh swoosh!

The soft, bright, yellow petals

Blowing happily towards the future.

Maybe I am strong as a building,

Standing firm, scraping the sky.

People inside me like my thoughts,

Busy, bustling, inside my body.

Resisting the harsh,

Strong worries like hurricane winds.

Sometimes I might be like an airplane,

Or a hot air balloon

Maybe a flower

Perhaps a building.

I can just be one of them at a time,

Or all four of them once!

I may change at lightning speed,

But that still makes me.