Author's Yin Yang

Written by Eunie Jeong

A frightened clown, swinging on the tight ropes,

Spluttering ink everywhere,

Jumping on a trampoline, losing heart

At the dizzying scene below.

An unsure student, scared to put a foot down

To be leaving any mark,

Afraid, to hear discouraging words,

Shying away from criticism.

A tired farmer, toiling laboriously

Fruitlessly trying to progress on the blank fields,

Frustrated, looking jealously

At the facility work of his neighbour.

All dejected, huddled together

In the dormant plain of creation.

But with what magic,

Do they transform and become!

A delighted architect, busy on the thin sheet of paper

Hands flying effortlessly over the page,

Leaving a trail of bold prints as he goes

Creating doors to fantasy, castle after castle.

A graceful ballerina, gliding over the smooth lined floor,

Pouring passion, light, comfort into the lines she creates,

Like gems flowing out from her steps.

A treasure chest, filled with laughter for a despairing friend.

A patient potter, tirelessly throwing the clay on the wheel

Smoothing away the bumps and dents,

Adding ornate decorations,

Perfecting his art.