Bringing the world together through play: all about Roblox

Written by Karena Chan

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Most of you have played or at least heard of the renowned Roblox. It’s a very popular game with children, especially 10 and 11-year-olds. Not only can users play the programs in the app, but they can also create their own, allowing them to broaden their creativity and imagination. They have a variety of different modes, such as Jailbreak, Meep city, Bloxburg, Royale high, Hide and seek, Tycoon, simulators, obbys, e.t.c.

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Personally, my favorite has to be Jailbreak and Hide and Seek.  I really like these games because they are thrilling and exciting, as you never know when you will get caught. In Jailbreak, your goal is to break free from prison (thus, its name) and rob from “banks” without being “caught”. Meanwhile, in Hide and Seek your purpose is to avoid the “seeker”. However, some Roblox games, such as Jailbreak, can become quite violent, as it basically revolves around killing or catching people (depending on what role you’re playing) and if you’re a criminal (after you escape prison) you rob banks and shoot people while trying not to get caught by police.

Obbys, meanwhile, is very difficult. An obby is basically a very very long obstacle course which you have to complete; failure results in “dying”. Because the courses are very challenging, it can become quite frustrating having to respawn so many times!  Sometimes it makes me very annoyed because I try for a million times but I still can’t get through the stages and I keep dying!

However, although Roblox can be a little dangerous due to its violent content, I think it is still a very good app for kids because they can express their creativity.