Written by Aiden Chan

I would like to see what a blind man sees

The vivid flash of memories guiding me through the endless night,

I would like to hear what a deaf man hears

The soothing sound of nothingness driving me mad to days end,

I would like to touch like a man with under-active thyroid

The reach from my family and friends are long from my grasp

I would like to smell what an anosmic man smells,

The fragrance of nothing but the faint remembrance of nice aroma,

I would like to taste what an ageusic man tastes

The distinctive flavours in my mouth spiralling into nothingness,

I would like to know what happens when you don’t have any senses

Do you go mad as the void grabs your mind and bashes it leaving nothing

but an empty husk of a man remaining?

Or does your mind start spiral swirling, shifting and turning not knowing 

what, where and who you are?