Giving back

RCHK celebrates Jie Jie Day 2019

Written By Zoe Ying


RCHK’s Jie Jie Day event is the only one of its kind which celebrates the significant contributions of the domestic helpers in Hong Kong.   There are over 200,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, and Jie Jie Day is an annual event to express our gratitude to domestic helpers within the RCHK community, through one afternoon packed with entertainment, food, beverages and gifts.

This year’s Jie Jie Day was on the 30th of August at the Performing Arts Centre (PAC).  Doors opened to our guests at 1pm, though the student volunteers had been preparing since morning.  Upon entry, the 300 Jie Jies present were gifted fresh flowers. The Funk Division (everyone’s favourite school band) opened up the afternoon with some jazzy tracks, setting the mood.   

Student MCs Sammi Choi and Isaia Caluza then entered with a warm welcome to all the guests.  Isaia then demonstrated his Filipino speaking skills, impressing all of the Jie Jies present.  Two dance groups soon followed, getting the Jie Jies on their feet, playing pop and salsa tunes.  

“You are like a parent to these children”

Later performances and workshops included karaoke renditions of “Perfect”, “Fernando” and “Ikaw” (a popular song; Filipino for ‘you’) and primary student performances Star Ukulele and Stefania Ukulele.  

Next, the school principal and guests from various service organisations took the stage to deliver an important message emphasising the importance of the helpers in the community.  “You are like a parent to these children.” Secondary Head Natasha Williams stated, and there was a storm of applause from Jie Jies and students alike.  

The day was wrapped up with a raffle, delivered in comedic fashion by teacher Sam Nicolson.  Prizes ranged from supermarket coupons (of up to $1000!) to five iMacs for five lucky helpers. But for those who missed out there were gift bags for everyone, with coupons, facial masks, stationery, and even Bluetooth headphones in some. 

“I felt really lucky to be able to come to Jie Jie Day this year,” one helper remarked.  “I think RCHK has a very inclusive community, and I hope this event will spread to more people in the future.”