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The road to Trashion

Written by Chi Ching Chow

As June 1st edges closer and closer, designers and organisers alike are whirling-about in preparation of RCHK’s 8th ever Trashion event. Whether they are securing delicate papier-mâchés to the back of dresses or finalising hundreds of ticket sales, there is no question of the Trashion team’s hard work and dedication.

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The rising popularity of aRtCHK

Written by Ariana Jones

“aRtCHK” has never been more of a competitive event. The annual competition took place last month, prelude to the ever-tense upcoming RCHK House events such as Athletics Carnival, Football Games, Arm Wrestling and Idol. Students with an interest in visual arts were given a chance to win House points through fun, collaborative drawing, rather than physical activities.

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